Wednesday, 14 October 2009


HOW MUCH - Totally FREE -
(if you're lucky they often have a free BBQ going in the beer garden)

WHEN - every first Saturday of every month - see our MYSPACE for a list of dates.

TIME - 7pmish (open all night- lock-in stylee)

WHERE - Stags Head - 55 Orsman Road, London, N1 5RA

WHAT - Live music, photo/art exhibitions, film screenings, food, drink .. shits and giggles

Although this may sound like an orgy in an airship disaster about to happen -
this is actually our monthly residency -
While we wait for next year's "In The Woods" to happen we have chosen somewhere
really special in a hidden corner of London to continue with that magical vibe.

Every first Saturday of every month we congregate at the Stags Head and play some live music -
we also ask other bands and djays to come and play too -
This place has loads of character, cosy-ness and a piano(in tune) for the winter days -
and a great beer garden and piano(out-of-tune)for the summer.

We often have people exhibit their art/photos and films ....
Importantly its totally FREE to get in and ......
If you are lucky there is often a free BBQ going on in the beer garden.

Join the In the Woods group or our mailing list to receive info about
the next Hindenburg Mile High Club.
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OR Click HERE for facebook events......

Somebody even interviewed us and gave the whole thing a great review too! -

Previous Hindenburg Mile High Clubs have hosted:
Click on pic links below to see some live(very low-fi) footage

Laurel Collective

Pete and the Pirates
Connan Mockasin
Alessi's Ark
Micachu and the Shapes

Speak and the Spells
The Invisible
Inner City Pirates
Screaming Tea Party

Anna Calvi
Left With Pictures
Cat House
Not Cool
Vado In Messico

you are wondering what the hell Hindenburg Mile High club is about .....

Here's a little note from Bob Tollast, principle lyricist
(and obsessed with weird historical things) -

"Hindenburg Mile high club is
starting again at the Stags Head, a great old east end boozer, complete with
all the classic cockney cliches like Pearly queens, jellied eels, and
Vinnie Jones smashing someones head in with a rubber dildo. (Hopefully not.)

So we were working on a track and I decided to write some lyrics based on
the Hindenburg Mile High Club (released on our Fax of Death EP).

Click below to download :)

For those
of you that don't know (no reason why you should), the Hindenburg
was a German commercial airship that crashed in the U.S.A in 1937.
A mile high club ... is ... ehm ... we'll let you google that one.

The song is partly inspired by a
German girl we knew who was constantly jet setting between New York
London and Berlin. She also "jumps off the R-101"another airship which
also crashed. Luckily this girl is alive and well and was never in an
air disaster..... and the song also mentions
"the Green hour" which was what the french called "happy hour" a
reference to Absynthe so maybe that has something to do with it?
In the second verse the story is revealed to be a dream.
hmmmm .... anyway have a listen to the song see what you make of it."

..... Ok thanks for that Bob...... its all really clear now ..... ?

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