Saturday, 21 August 2010


Here goes ...................... This is quite a long Blog - but we are hoping this will cover everything from line-up/travel/costs and some previous footage from last years event.

When: Saturday, September 4th 2010
Gates open from 10am Saturday through till Sunday -

Basically - anyone who wants to come has to receive a personal invite - and to get a personal invite they need to join our mailing list by visiting - HERE - and enter your email in the mailing list form box thingy - you will then receive an invite in your inbox.  Alternatively just send us an email with name and email address to - 

Its a very small friendly festival - so this is the only way we can do it and keep it manageable  -

Tickets are £30 - purely to cover costs - If we're lucky to break even, any profit on tickets we'd like to give to charity (Cancer Research).

Unfortunately we cant give you address details yet - but we can tell you its in a beautiful woodland in Kent. We'll give you details nearer the time - becaue its such a small festival and we have to be quite careful so that the police dont shut it down - its legal and everything  :) - we just cant let it get out of hand - thats why we keep the details hidden.

Driving there would be best BUT if you cant -
We'll let you know the nearest train station - and there will be shuttle runs from the station on the day, every 30mins (i.e. everytime a train arrives). 



Main Stage

Late of the Pier (Dj set)
Micachu DJ
Laurel Collective
Anna Calvi
Connan Mockasin
Vado in Messico
John & Jehn
David's Lyre

Laurel Lounge 

The Invisible
Lime Headed Dog
Lulu and the Lampshades
Lail Arad
Mariners Children

More acts may be added to the line-up and the order may change - so hold tight for special announcements nearer the time

XFM's John Kennedy will be compering.



+ very special guests

Keira Rathbone

Lucy Norman

Robert Curran. 

Sam Skinner

You can also expect...

Biggest bonfire you've ever seen!

Hog Roast
Home made burgers (veggies too), smoothies and Breakfast
WE HAVE A BAR THIS YEAR! with local ales, ciders, lagers and wines


Much love!

Laurels x x x



A very talented filmmaker called Poppie Skold - captured some of In the Woods 2009 on film. This docu/film comes in 3 parts and is finally going up on youtube for the first time today! - here are the links - and read on if you want to know how to come to the next one  ........

24mins, MiniDV

Deep in a Kentish woodland, an overgrown quarry plays host to an up and coming music festival.

The Laurel Collective, a London based six piece, clear leaf, twig and tree; assemble scaffold and haul tarpaulin. A bonfire is built and a wickerman is pulled into position.

A captivated audience watches the eight band line up before falling into the heat of a 2am bonfire.

With Anna Calvi, Connan Mockasin, Alessi's Ark, Screaming Tea Party, Pete and the Pirates, Micachu and the Shapes, Laurel Collective and The Invisible, In The Woods is an awe inspiring weekend.

Filmed and edited by Poppie Sk├Âld
With the Laurel Collective
In association with Supine Studios

Part 1 -

Part 2 -

Part 3 -

Thursday, 6 May 2010


Here is what we did at SXSW -

Laurel Collective @ SXSW march 2010 from Laurel Collective on Vimeo.

Also - Clash mag asked us to write them a blog of our day to day happenings - here they are with day to day photo galleries included - (photos by Scott Chasserot)










In addition to our B.B.C  6 phone interview with Tom Robinson during SXSW (save b.b.c 6! I would buy it but I only have about 8 quid) we have been played on Austin radio Kut, on Audrey Morton's show after wooing her with our gig at French Legation. Wooooooooooo we all said throughout the gig.
Audrey plays everything from Midlake to Arthur Russel, which floats my boat quite nicely...

We've also been included in Shannon Sauter's best of SXSW podcast for Seattle radio station KEXP. Really enjoying one of their shows right now in fact, have a listen...

Here's a little review of our showcase from San Francisco Weekly at Friends, which was helped a lot by some general crowd derangement and percussion in the streets...

On another note, Anise from Off the Radio claims to have listened to Vuitton Blues 325 times...if you read this Anise, I think that deserves a signed copy...


 ps... among my favourite bands of SXSW were Wild Moccasins, but then I made a point of not going to see the "buzz" bands because I don't really like gigs where you can't move.  I also really wanted to catch Warpaint....


The Invisible - ofcourse!

.... and there's definitely more which I'll post later!

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Sheffield - New Young Pony Club - The Invisible - CTRL?

"Hiiiiiiiiiiii guys! Were in Sheffield", says Bob.

"Yeah buoy!", says Dave Okumu.

"Yo! I'm sick of all the 5 0's, going up and down."

.... says Canadian ragga genius Snow at the start of "Informer." But that's a different story entirely.

Last week New Young Pony Club gave us the huge honor of supporting them for a topman CNTRL night in Sheffield. Also in support we're our pals, the illegally talented Invisible.

The band were super nice, letting us eat some of their sandwiches, although the only Ice Cream was later when they played the song of the same name. They've put Vuitton Blues on a playlist on their Myspace.

Tahita was as gracious as a kind of super cool version of Princess Diana, but Lady Di could never rip it up on stage as good as these guys, even when she was grinding herself on John Travolta in front of Prince Charles.

NYPC played a gloriously un-hinged version of Get Lucky and crowd go wild performance of Ice Cream, which more than made up for me not stuffing my fat face with Ben n Jerrys back stage- a great end to an unforgettable night.

They even said our set was ace, which filled us with an alarming sense of self love and growing arrogance, further alienating us from friends and family.

Later on we hung out with The Invisible, who played a typically awe inspiring set, which made me worry whether David Cameron will pass laws against bands being this good if he wins the election.

By this point I was pretty drunk, and probably becoming annoying, so we set off on our merry way home to complete our debut album and make stingy nettle jam.

On the way home we listen to Jade Fox, Ohio Players, Violent Femmes and Jdilla instrumentals amongst others ......

Thursday, 11 February 2010

BBC 6 Session LIVE With Tom Robinson

On Friday the 29th Jan of this year Tom Robinson from BBC 6 kindly invited to us to come and play live on his show. We were very chuffed and so accepted the invitation gladly and swiftly made our way to the BBC building on Great Portland St.

Ofcourse swiftly still didnt stop everyone being late. Charlie's van broke down, Olly couldn't get out of work, Mark got shot(again), Martin had to iron his shirt - Bob broke down. The only one on time was Ian. Luckily the La Roux session going on next door over ran and we had time to setup ---

but the problems weren't over Mark's casio tone went mental and got stuck on the Bossanova setting during soundcheck!

After pushing several buttons and trying to understand the inner circuits of the casio device Olly fixes it the Italian way.

With the Casiotone problem solved the Laurels leave their experimental sounds to a more groovey warm up/soundcheck

A few name pronounciation lessons ......

And the session finally gets going!

Big Thankyou to Tom Robinson for having us and Ian for getting there on time (and thankyou to Russell).

Laurel Collective


Thursday, 29 October 2009

HALLOWEEN - Carrie release through Kruger Singles

Halloween is surely coming up -

........ and with it we have decided to release a song called CARRIE - (which some of you might have seen us play live already) - the song is now up and our myspace - AND can be downloaded for FREE - from Kruger Magazine website (as per usual for ltd time only). The Single comes with another song called CHEAP

Click below to go to our myspace and you will find the link - )

And to make things even more exciting - we stumbled across a video on you-tube which is pretty scary - and funny - Someone decided to put our song to the 1976 film by Brian de Palma and it goes S-carrie-ly well! (excuse the pun).

You have to check this out: -

Finally - what would we do without a bit of live music? ----- to celebrate Halloween we are ofcourse going to get our instruments out - and possible try and look horrifying.

Here's where its at -

this FRIDAY 30th - Warehouse party (get in touch for details)

this SATURDAY 31st - Fresh on the Net - were playing a festival set-up by Tom Robinson from BBC 6 radio. He's been stalking us for a while now so we had to cave in. It was either that or he sends us more of his pants in the post...he'll be promoting his show fresh on the net. Ace.

The Riverside Studios-
Crisp Road, Hammersmith, London - Hammersmith, W6 9RL

Wednesday, 14 October 2009


HOW MUCH - Totally FREE -
(if you're lucky they often have a free BBQ going in the beer garden)

WHEN - every first Saturday of every month - see our MYSPACE for a list of dates.

TIME - 7pmish (open all night- lock-in stylee)

WHERE - Stags Head - 55 Orsman Road, London, N1 5RA

WHAT - Live music, photo/art exhibitions, film screenings, food, drink .. shits and giggles

Although this may sound like an orgy in an airship disaster about to happen -
this is actually our monthly residency -
While we wait for next year's "In The Woods" to happen we have chosen somewhere
really special in a hidden corner of London to continue with that magical vibe.

Every first Saturday of every month we congregate at the Stags Head and play some live music -
we also ask other bands and djays to come and play too -
This place has loads of character, cosy-ness and a piano(in tune) for the winter days -
and a great beer garden and piano(out-of-tune)for the summer.

We often have people exhibit their art/photos and films ....
Importantly its totally FREE to get in and ......
If you are lucky there is often a free BBQ going on in the beer garden.

Join the In the Woods group or our mailing list to receive info about
the next Hindenburg Mile High Club.
(there should be links to the left of this blog)

OR Click HERE for facebook events......

Somebody even interviewed us and gave the whole thing a great review too! -

Previous Hindenburg Mile High Clubs have hosted:
Click on pic links below to see some live(very low-fi) footage

Laurel Collective

Pete and the Pirates
Connan Mockasin
Alessi's Ark
Micachu and the Shapes

Speak and the Spells
The Invisible
Inner City Pirates
Screaming Tea Party

Anna Calvi
Left With Pictures
Cat House
Not Cool
Vado In Messico

you are wondering what the hell Hindenburg Mile High club is about .....

Here's a little note from Bob Tollast, principle lyricist
(and obsessed with weird historical things) -

"Hindenburg Mile high club is
starting again at the Stags Head, a great old east end boozer, complete with
all the classic cockney cliches like Pearly queens, jellied eels, and
Vinnie Jones smashing someones head in with a rubber dildo. (Hopefully not.)

So we were working on a track and I decided to write some lyrics based on
the Hindenburg Mile High Club (released on our Fax of Death EP).

Click below to download :)

For those
of you that don't know (no reason why you should), the Hindenburg
was a German commercial airship that crashed in the U.S.A in 1937.
A mile high club ... is ... ehm ... we'll let you google that one.

The song is partly inspired by a
German girl we knew who was constantly jet setting between New York
London and Berlin. She also "jumps off the R-101"another airship which
also crashed. Luckily this girl is alive and well and was never in an
air disaster..... and the song also mentions
"the Green hour" which was what the french called "happy hour" a
reference to Absynthe so maybe that has something to do with it?
In the second verse the story is revealed to be a dream.
hmmmm .... anyway have a listen to the song see what you make of it."

..... Ok thanks for that Bob...... its all really clear now ..... ?

Friday, 2 October 2009


This is just a note - some of you may know already - to tell you about the latest remixes and reworks of our latest single Flame Thrower/Window -

FLAME THROWER - 7" Single out 21st Sept 2009 on Pure GrOOve

We've had three so far and they are all very different and they are all very awesome!

Click on this flashing link to hear all the remixes and reworks aswell as the original tracks -

- Remixed and reworked by these very talented and inventive up and coming producers/artists which we are very proud to have had the chance to work with - if anything this is also our chance to tell you who they are and where you can hear more of their stuff - click on the links below ;)

Micachu and the Shapes



Should anyone want to remix one of our tracks - please let us know! ........ Hope you enjoy what you hear so far X

More music from us soon ............